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Hey guys and welcome to my site! I am a multimedia journalist studying at the University of Queensland. I am originally a North Queensland boy who left the tropical islands and weekend sailing behind, exchanging it all for a tiny apartment, inner city hustle and excitement.

This is a showcase of the work I have done and a chance for you to check me out. I can use video, text and sound to get the story across. I am also proficient with WordPress and capable of self-publishing my own material.

Like all budding journalists I look forward to one day getting a job and seeing where the future takes me. I am interested in an opportunities like internships, work experience and casual/contract work.

Always feel free to contact me. I am not going to learn without any criticism or feedback. If you have any stories, tips, ideas or leads or would like to me to cover a story for you, contact me! Thanks for taking the time to check out my page.





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